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Jordan is the most advanced with preparation in nuclear energy plant, followed closely by Egypt

Jordan is all set to sign an agreement to build civilian nuclear reactors, according to one of the region’s top energy officials.

After UAE, which awarded a $20 billion contract recently to build four reactors in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Egypt are also planning for nuclear plants, but Jordan has made the most progress, Dr Adnan Shihab-Eldin, the secretary general of the Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee, was quoted as saying in a report in The National.

“Jordan is the most advanced with preparation, followed closely by Egypt,” Dr Shihab-Eldin said. “Either one will likely be next to award a contract.”

Arab states are eyeing nuclear energy as they struggle to meet fast-rising electricity demand and a shortfall of cheap natural gas, which is used in many traditional power stations.

As Jordan lacks oil and gas reserves and imports 95 per cent of its energy, its more important for the country to go for nuclear energy.

Jordan also has ample reserves of uranium, the raw material for nuclear fuel.

The government has planned to start work on a nuclear plant by 2013 and complete it before 2020.



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