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Laith-90: Iraq's made of FROG familiy missile

Laith-90 is an upgrade version and a modified stock of Frog-7s by extending their range to 90 km and fitting a submunition-carrying warhead.

The FROG-7 (Soviet designation "Луна" (Moon) ) is the final version of the FROG family of unguided, spin-stabilized, short-range Soviet artillery rockets. The name “FROG” comes from then NATO designation of Free-Rocket-Over-Ground. The FROG-7 missiles were mounted on the ZIL-135 8x8 army truck. The FROG-7 (A or B model) has a range up to 70 km and a CEP (circular error probable) between 500m and 700m. The road mobile rocket has a 550 kg warhead and is capable of delivering high explosive, nuclear, or chemical warheads.


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