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The M1985 is a multiple launch rocket system made in North Korea

The M1985 is a multiple launch rocket system, developed in the North Korea. It was first observed by US intelligence in 1985. Number in the designation indicates the year it was first observed. This artillery system was produced in quantity.

According to some reports, North Korea has about 200 of these launchers in service. Large numbers of these systems are located north of the demilitarized zone and are targeted towards South Korea. The DPRK has about 500 various long-range artillery systems within range of Seoul. This artillery system has been exported to Iran.

The M1985 has 12 launching tubes for 240-mm unguided spin-stabilized rockets. The type is easily identified by it's two rows of 6 tubes. A standard HE-FRAG warhead weights 90 kg and contains 45 kg of high explosives. Other types of warheads exist, including incendiary, smoke and chemical. It is claimed that maximum range of fire is 43 km. This artillery system can launch one rocket every 4 or 8 seconds.

Four manually-operated stabilizing jacks have to be lowered, prior to the rockets being launched. Elevation and traverse controls are also manually-operated. Vehicle can leaves firing position within 2 minutes.

The M1985 MLRS is based on a Japanese Isuzu 6x6 truck. The same chassis is used for the North Korean 122-mm MLRS. This launcher pack can be also adapted to any suitable cross-country truck.

The M1985 is supported by a reloading vehicle, which carries one complete reload and is fitted with a crane. Reloading would normally be carried out well away from the firing position, to avoid counter-battery fire. A battery of the M1985 consists of five launching vehicles.


Fadjr-3, Iranian MLRS, similar to the M1985. It is believed that Iran have taken delivery of 9 artillery rocket systems. It is understood that production technology has also been transferred to Iran. Iranian-built vehicles are based on a commercially available Mercedes-Benz 6x6 truck chassis;

M1991, a more powerful rocket system, fitted with 22 tubes for 240-mm rockets. It is in service with the North Korea.


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