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Iran’s new destroyer makes maiden voyage

Iran’s first domestically manufactured destroyer, the Jamaran, was sent on its first mission on Sunday after conducting maneuvers to display its capabilities.

The destroyer left Iran’s southern waters and headed toward the open seas to raise Iran’s flag in international waters on its maiden voyage.

The commander of Iran’s First Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Fariborz Qaderpanah, issued the order to start the mission to protect Iranian commercial vessels in international waters.

First, in an exercise, the warship’s weapons and guns were tested and a number of commandos rappelled down onto the deck. A helicopter landing and takeoff operation was also conducted.

Afterwards, a mock fire caused by a mock airstrike by hostile fighter jets was extinguished.

The Jamaran was launched in the Persian Gulf on Friday during a ceremony that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei attended.

The warship can carry helicopters and is equipped with torpedoes and electronic radar. It is 94 meters long and weighs over 1,500 tons.

The destroyer is capable of engaging in surface, air, and undersea warfare.


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