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Gulf states plan rapid-response force in 2010

The Persian Gulf states plans to establish a rapid-deployment force over the nex.

A senior Gulf Cooperation Council official said the six-member alliance intends to achieve initial deployment of the rapid-deployment force in 2010. The force, meant to be based in Saudi Arabia, was approved by Gulf Arab leaders during the annual GCC summit in December 2009 in Oman.

"We expect the force to be established this year and it will be headquartered in the King Khaled Military City," Saudi Chief of Staff Gen. Saleh Bin Ali Al Muhiya said.

Al Muhiya, who attended the Bahrain International Air Show in late January, said the new GCC force would be located in the facility that served as headquarters for the moribund Peninsula Shield, which has been inactive for more than five years.

In an interview with Bahrain's Al Ayam daily on Jan. 21, the Saudi chief of staff said Peninsula Shield would not be disbanded. He said the force would retain its headquarters at King Khaled Military City along with the rapid-deployment unit.


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