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Egyptian tank factory and military industry

The M1A1 Tank Factory outside Cairo in Helwan is one of the largest military manufacturing facilities in this part of the world.

the plant, intended for the innovation repair, modernization and servicing tanks M60 and armored repair- evacuation machines M88A1, which are found in arsenal Egyptian armored troops.

In 1984 the Egyptian government received U.S. approval to construct a factory for the new m1a1 tanks,after considering egypt a basic ally out of NATO .The machines will be first completely dismantled, and then newly assembled by Egyptian specialists

Within the framework this program Egypt from 1987 financial years obtains from the United States 1,3 billion dollars, which are used by the country according to the
basic reason is the fact that the production of these machines will be achieved mainly to the money, allowed by the United States v. the framework of gratuitous military aid.

The tank OF Abrams which is planned to produce in Egypt, practically must not differ from the analogous model, which consists in arsenal of American ground forces.


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