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Ambulance variant of Iran's Boragh AFV

The Boragh, also known as the Cobra, is an indigenous APC based around the shell of the Soviet BMP-1. Its changes include, weapon, armor, movement.

Power Pack:

The original 300 hp 6 cylinder engine was replaced by a stronger 320(or 330 depending on the source) hp V-8, presumably the HD BF8L413F air-cooled diesel engine from the type-86, Chinas version of the BMP-1. This increases the power-to-weight ratio from 22.7 hp/ton to 25 hp/ton although the road speed of 65 km/h stays the same. This is located in traditional layout, front and to the right. In the official picture of the IFV-variant/BMP-2 you see the drivers periscopes to the right of the engine. Originally this suggested a change in the layout, however the reality is far less suprising, Diomil just mirrors their pictures, the same thing can be observed on the Diomil advertisement of the Safir-74/T-72Z.



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